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The sheet metal processing operation process is roughly divided into 7 steps

1. Disassembly of sheet metal parts. Remove the sheet metal parts of the damaged part of the collision vehicle from the original body by cutting or other methods.
2. Damage confirmation. After cleaning the damaged part, confirm the degree of damage and establish a repair method.
3. Remove the old paint film. Polish the original paint on the damaged part until the iron layer is exposed.
4. Flatten the sheet metal parts. According to the degree of damage of the sheet metal parts, use the corresponding sheet metal tools to flatten the recessed parts. The surface of the sheet metal parts should be finely adjusted for flatness.
5. Receiving fire treatment. Through the fire treatment, the tensile and extrusion stresses generated in the process of restoring the original shape and thickness of the metal are eliminated, and the rigidity and strength of the sheet metal parts are maintained.
6. Polish the feathery edges. A buffered slope is polished at the connecting part of the damaged part and the surrounding paint film, so that the newly sprayed paint surface and the original car paint surface can be better connected.
7. Apply epoxy primer. Clean and degrease the polished damaged surface again, apply epoxy primer and dry, for anti-rust treatment.
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