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Some precautions in the installation of the hoist

The installation is also very important. It needs to be installed more appropriately according to the actual situation, site and other conditions. Of course, some details should be paid attention to during the installation process, which is manifested in the following aspects:
(1) At the beginning, the lower part of the bucket elevator must be installed, and the anchor bolts must be fixed. This must be installed on the fixed concrete base, then install the middle casing, and finally install the upper casing. After the cabinet is installed, the vertical angle of the installation needs to be corrected, and the error should be within 10 mm when measured with a straight line.
(2) After the cabinet is installed, install the chain and other hoppers. The hopper needs to be connected with U-shaped screws, which are both the joint of the chain and the fixed part of the hopper. The connection must be firm and not loose.
(3) After the chain and the hopper are installed, the tension should be appropriately increased or relaxed.
(4) Add a certain amount of oil or butter to the reducer and the bearing seat. Increase the effect of lubrication.
(5) After the bucket elevator is installed, it needs to carry out the process of empty operation. Be careful when running an empty car, do not reverse, and there must be no bumps. The running time of an empty car should not be less than 2 hours, and it is best not to overheat. Prevent the temperature of the bearing from exceeding 250 degrees and the temperature of the reducer not exceeding 300 degrees.
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